Create Custom In-depth Analytics Dashboard for Saddle


Provide an in-depth custom analytics dashboard centred around Saddle and its ve-tokenomics. Thereby providing further transparency for Saddle’s community and team members.


Governance will decide whether to partner with Multifarm to create a custom analytical dashboard for them. If ratified, Multifarm will proceed to start the process by designing the dashboard with the essence & values of Saddle in mind.


The Multifarm team has been in communication with the Saddle team over creating a custom analytics dashboard for them & you, their community. We however believe that in the name of transparency, we should reach out over the governance forums and introduce ourselves. This also allows the community a chance to weigh in.

As it currently stands, Dune analytics is not providing enough transparency & is limited in its visibility. Multifarm has partnered with leading protocols such as OlympusDAO, Balancer, Redacted Cartel & ParagonsDAO in order to create impactful analytics dashboards ranging from Bribing, Treasury management, NFTs and whatever need our client has. (Link to OlympusDAO dashboard)

Our plan is to build an in-depth custom analytics dashboard for Saddle Finance in order for their end users to be able to transparently visualise all of the stats and analytics surrounding veSDL.

We believe that this will not only aid users in making better investment decisions but as well as Sadldle finance team to be able to use the dashboard data for monitoring/tracking/reporting needs.

We furthermore see areas where Multifarm can help Saddle with imperative analytics over their future planned features such as LP Locking & Collatrilized LP lending. We already have thought of some useful stats around this.

Here is an example of bribing focused design for Balancer.


Yield Analytics Dashboard:

  • General Stats (TVL, Volume, Total Supply, Staked Supply, etc)
  • Pool Stats (TVL, Fee APR, Emissions APR, Reward Boost, Revenues)
  • Historical Data (APRS, TVLS, etc) (Similar to Llama airforce for Curve)
  • Risk Data (e.g Synthetic Assets)
  • Guage Weight Over Time
  • Bribe & Voting Analytics (i.e focus new ve tokenomics)

veToken Analytics:

  • veToken (General Stats like Total veToken)
  • veToken Power (e.g veToken Power by Top Holders, Accumulation over time)
  • veToken Voting (e.g veToken Votes by Gauge)
  • veToken Locking (e.g. Percentage)
  • Votes by Guages & Holders

LP Locking & Collateralised LP Lending Stats:

  • General Historical Stats
    • TVl History for each asset/market
    • LTV Rates
    • Liquidations History
    • Total Lent v Borrowed
    • Total Supplied & Total Available
    • Market Supply
  • Data on Deposits & Locking
    • Average Locking
    • Average deposit amount
    • Average time til unlock
  • Repayments
  • Data centred around users
    • Withdrawals
    • Collateral added/removed
    • Stable v Unstable rates
    • Deposits
    • Type of assets collateralised or borrowed

For: Create a custom analytical dashboard for Saddle

Against: Do not create a custom impactful analytical dashboard for Saddle & its community


  • For
  • Against

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More visibility seems like a great idea from my viewpoint…

Agreed on Dune - really not sure what is going on with their platform but it has been not functioning very well as of late.

A useful tool for the DAO and also users would be amazing… especially users I think if it is a friendly and easily comprehensible UI this would be a big net positive for the community.

Interesting stuff thanks for sharing!

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Hey @AlexMultifarm - is Multifarm requesting a specific amount of compensation for this? What are your thoughts on timeline and deliverables? Thank you!

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I have attached a link to our proposal, this should answer any questions you might have regarding costs, etc

In terms of timeline, it depends on manual labour and what Saddle needs. We had a rough turnaround of 5-6 weeks for OlympusDAO & that was by far our most complicated (data wise) dashboard to date.

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Hi all, I’m a huge fan of all things analytics and dashboards. As a young protocol, we need data to make decisions and serve our users. However, I think that because we are so young, the proposed cost is a little steep at the moment. Some of the metrics proposed are also already addressed by our existing Dune dashboards, both the alphastorm and excellent Fendiman ones. I would really like to revisit this proposal in the future, however for now I think we should lean more on community bounties and contributions.