Delos HQ Election Nominations

The time has come to kick off the election for the pioneering Delos HQ syndicate!

This forum post is the spot to nominate yourself or another bandit ahead of official token holder snapshot votes.

Shoutout to Rachel for her research and support in masterminding Project Delos / Delos HQ!

-= What is Delos HQ? =-

Firstly, Project Delos-- it is the umbrella project and a series of initiatives to empower the Saddle community.

Delos HQ is the pioneer community “syndicate” (i.e. subDAO with grant+multisig) that is being created with the focus of growing and nurturing the Saddle community.

Delos HQ will be a 7 member multisig. Syndicate term length is 1 year.

-= The multisig will have the following “territories” (i.e. powers / responsibilities / objectives) =-

  • Lead and collaborate on initiatives for growing, identifying, or rewarding engaged Saddle community members
  • Identifying rising leaders in the community and matching them with opportunities for participation in Project Delos (including yet-to-be-created syndicates and territories), bounties4bandits, Saddle Creators, and future community-oriented initiatives.
  • Deploying Delos HQ grant funds to facilitate above efforts (open to discussion / we’re recommending 1 million SDL to start)

-= How Do Syndicate Elections Work? =-

  1. Nominate yourself or someone else by replying to this forum post.** The nomination post can include a quick introduction, involvement in our community so far, other relevant web3 background info and reasons why you want to participate in Delos HQ.

  2. After nominations and acceptances are done. SDL Token holders will vote on Snapshot. Individuals with the most votes will be elected to Delos HQ. I will double check that those who are nominated by someone else wish to continue with their candidacy before they are listed on Snapshot.

  3. Ties on the token holder snapshots will be determined by separate Discord-based votes.

  4. We recommend each person to nominate a maximum of 3 people (use your best judgement).

  5. Saddle core contributors must be nominated by the community and not themselves or another core contributor.

  6. Important: There will be SDL token grants for all individuals elected to Delos HQ to compensate these community members for their time and contributions. Grant size will be determined and approved by SDL token holders as an early proposal. (It makes most sense for the community to determine Delos HQ grant allocation and individual syndicate member grant sizes).

  7. Finally, SDL token holders may put up a vote to remove syndicate members from Delos HQ if necessary before the 1 year term is up and are responsible for electing future syndicate members.

Members of Delos HQ will play a crucial role in the growth and success of the greater Saddle DAO. These members will be the well that nourishes; the lighthouse that seeks and finds; the genesis syndicate from which a whole metaverse will sprout.

Make sure you fully understand the role and responsibilities of Delos HQ before nominating yourself or someone else. If you have any questions, join us on Discord > Governance > #sip-delos-hq and fire away!


Nominating Rachel !

She’s exactly the sort of person I’d expect to see leading an initiative like this.


PhiMarHal / PhiMarHal#9107 on Discord from Community
0xDuck / J from
Zim from Saddle (if he accepts - Eric from Saddle instead, if he accepts?)


Over the past month, we have discussed a lot of issues related to expanding the community and working with it. I have seen very high quality and interesting offers. There are several documents that we jointly edited in order to understand what we really would like to receive changes and what steps need to be taken for this. A lot of work has been done by Rachel! She has all the qualities in order to communicate with the community and develop it, I would also like to note Apollo Labs this person is creative and has his own opinion, we need such people!
At the moment, these people have a visible contribution to the community and I would like to support their candidacy or nominate, as it will be correct. I would love to be a part of Delos HQ syndicate and help develop the project with these guys!



  • Rachel. Obvious choice, given all the work she’s done.

  • Low-Poly Duck (0xDuck). Has been a long standing community member, forking Saddle for charity and consistently active in Discord.

  • Apollo Labs. Did kickass art for Saddle and would be an important voice (and eye!).

All 3 are clearly aligned with the long-term interests of this protocol.

If I get the chance, I’d love to be part of Delos HQ as well. My own qualifications would be… being a relentless nitpicker? Using emojis inappropriately? I like governance.

Vote for me, bandits, and I will give you a Saddle-powered golden bullrun. I will work tirelessly with the Syndicate to make the Saddle Metaverse come true. Ensuring the virtual world has rivers, ponds, lakes, seas, creeks, lagoons, oceans. All filled with fishes, and every fish with a cowboy hat. This is the Saddle vision.


Apollo Labs#5495
Low-Poly Duck || Mune.Finance#9582
ansvier#7699 (myself)


Adding two additional nominations to follow the pack:

PhiMarHal; Regularly active, actively engaged. There’s something to be said for those among us who care enough to type in full paragraphs when we express ourselves.

Zim; saddle core team. Pretty hair. His actions speak for themselves.


rach.el#9614 and Apollo Labs#5495


Hi all,

I would like to nominate all of the people I’ve seen be pretty active in the community:

Rachel - For obvious reasons! :slight_smile: Rachel brings a friendly vibe to the community which I love.

Low-Poly Duck - A true OG of OGs and pixel art connoisseur

Philmarhal - Once again, an OG of OGs. Being active for as long as he has, even with the current defi climate, is a pretty impressive feat.

Zim - Zim shows clear efforts to build the Saddle community with his initiatives, which I haven’t seen the likes of in other defi companies as of late. People like Zim are what keeps defi companies from becoming ‘just a protocol’ so I think his work is invaluable.

HammeIAm - If he wants to accept this, I think David is a cool guy and obviously he’s part of the core team, so I wanted to nominate him in the event he wanted to be involved on the community side more.

And I’ll nominate myself if that’s allowed haha

Sorry if this is above the maximum of 3 people; I wanted to make sure I included the core team members as they aren’t allowed to vote for themselves!


Thank you Bandits !

I am humbled to be nominated.

I’m Jamie ! You can find me under various duck or mallard monikers across cyberspace. I’ve been told I’m a little old school. I, for example, still find myself using terms like ‘cyberspace’ to describe the internet.

IRL I’m a green energy consultant and mainnet validator. Crypto experience goes back quite a while; I lost what today would have been a metric buttload to Gox. But I’m honest enough with myself to know I’d never have had the foresight back then to hold until this year.

I like to think that’s changed now:

I have harnessed the FOMO and used it to turn my ordinary human hands into sophisticated cyborg mega-flippers with a previously unrealized capacity for keeping ERC-20s in a death-grip.

The most valuable asset class on the planet is data. From less popular datasets like educational materials, all the way up to the most popular, like money-- blockchain represents an opportunity to better manage them all. I personally have a strong lean toward optimizing philanthropy on-chain; using the opportunity blockchain presents to ensure we don’t repeat the same economic mistakes our ancestors did.

I hope to bring that to the syndacite.

Learning and giving, are two things we can always try to do better.

Education is free to give :duck:


With the power vested in me by almighty governance tokens I hereby, forthwith and hither-through add my voice to the chorus of nominations for 0xDuck and Rachel in particular.

In all seriousness, the precautions taken with the Saddle token have had the benefit of ensuring the community is made up of people who care about the project - Not pump and dumpers screaming about price.

I’m mostly a silent supporter / lurker but i don’t think that anyone could disagree that both have proven themselves to be creative, dedicated and just good people in general. They’d be assets in the roles!


I like these people and they are very active I believe in them!


rach.el # 9614

Apollo Laboratories # 5495

Nikitakle # 4627


I very much support all the lovely bandits/banditesses whose names and monikers have been put forth! It’s been incredible to build for / build with each of you, and I feel confident and excited about the future of Saddle with y’all at the helm of the syndicate :fire: :fire: :fire:

As for myself, thank y’all for the nomination, it means a lot :sob: :pray: After much thought, I am going to decline, chief reason being there are upcoming projs which will draw my time/attention toward external channels (e.g. partnerships, top-of-funnel marketing). And I really don’t want to set everyone up to be disappointed should I become less active/responsive internally. My hope is that I can circle back for the next sesh of election (or perhaps be a part of a future Project Delos syndicate).

In the meantime, I would like to recommend Eric (emac in Disc) for community nomination-- he recently joined the Saddle team and is an incredibly kind, thoughtful, dedicated, and ofc talented operator (he also has fresh af taste in tunes; a crucial syndicate member quality!). Hopefully he can give you a better intro lol.

A cowboy hat for every fish LFGGGGG (cred PhiMarHal)


Appreciate the kind words Zim :pray:

Massive shoutout to you ser for building this community from the ground up, honored to be here and looking forward to contributing to make the Saddle community the best spot to be in DeFi and beyond

Hi all, I’m Eric (emac) recent addition to the Saddle team, I’ve been working on a few projects in my short time most recently adding “better lighting and nice plants” to our discord home :potted_plant:
Our goal is to make it a fun yet productive place for the community to hang out and get to know one another!

I’m one of those jack of all trades master of none :sweat_smile: and won’t rest until we realize this shared vision for the Saddle community. I would be honored to serve on the syndicate with this incredible group if nominated by the community.

@PhiMarHal and @Apollo_Labs let’s start spreading cowboy hats across our virtual worlds :cowboy_hat_face: :tada:


wow so much awe at everyone’s nom’s - you guys are so sweet. I appreciate and am humbled to be nominated. I love that you guys love the project(s) we’re working on so much! I really think Saddle is a groundbreaking project that is leading innovation in the industry/markets as a whole. #notfinancialadvice

IRL I am active in lgbtq + feminist activist circles locally, and I write music Stream R A C H E L G | Listen to music albums online for free on SoundCloud . I am full-time at Saddle and I love my job a whole bunch! <3 my coworkers are also super smart - honoured to work with them every day.

fun facts about me; I’ve never broken a bone. I also speak french and I am always trying to learn more! I believe knowledge is power, and that blockchain and decentralization can democratize finance for those with both big and small wallets!

In light of Zim’s decline of nomination, I’d like to nominate both Eric + David (from Saddle) to be on the multisig with us for some good team balance


Good day!
I’m very happy that I was nominated, it’s nice to be part of the list. I really try to help and be helpful to Saddle. I have ideas for the development of the community and the b4b program, I love NFT and would like to support the NFT started that have already been distributed to the community, there is still a lot of work to be done.
My name is Nikita, I’m from Russia and I’m 29 years old. I have a wife and a son. Until the coronavirus began, I worked as an Art Director of a restaurant-bar, I was also fond of photography and video. At night, I DJ there in the bar and sometimes I write remixes. Parallel to all this, I am interested in cryptocurrency and projects in it. I started in 2017, but then there were difficult times and silence in the chat rooms, I spent more time in the bar. Now, in the conditions of the lockdown, I have decided to abandon the bar and completely switch to working with defi, over the past year and a half, I began to moderate some of the community, got OG and was imbued with all this movement. I really like to develop and build a community, this is what I did offline. I love new friends and communication.

You can find me on twitter.


My official community nomination for Emac !


I think some solid names here. I would just add another nomination for Philmarhal as he was here and active since the wee early days.

Keep up the great work guys and gals.


Hey guys,

Per request here is some info on me:

I am a digital artist who has been active in the NFT space since May 2020, I specialize in AI and Neural Network art. I primarily use Python and Javascript for coding stuff and Photoshop for visuals.

Outside of the NFT space, I have been interested in the crypto space for around 3 years and am pretty much self taught in the development space.

Like Rachel, I also haven’t broken a bone (is that rare these days?) and have a passion for decentralization and blockchain technology - not just “price goes up” like a lot of recent additions to the crypto space.

I truly believe that Saddle has what it takes to live through the inevitable “bear market”/“winter” given the nature of the project and the community backing it and am proud to be a part of the community myself.



Kay Lee#8082 - I would do all my best for the community, thank you!


Apollo Labs#5495