[PROPOSAL] SIP-X: Add $sETH/$ETH Pool on Optimism


This is a proposal to launch a $sETH/$ETH pool on Optimism to create the deepest pair of Synthetic $ETH liquidity on Optimism :red_circle:


Synthetix is the leading derivatives protocol in DeFi, and has been the most battle-tested protocol as well. They have been largely responsible for the push to L2 adoption and specifically with Optimism. There is clear need for deep liquidity - similar to what can be delivered by Curve on Mainnet, but for an $sETH/$ETH pool on Optimism, that Saddle can be the solution for.

This proposal outlines a a new pool on Optimism that would be comprised of $sETH and $ETH.

LPs benefit from yield earned on their deposits in addition to trading fees and liquidity incentives.

Capital efficiency is the top priority for AMMs, and enabling LPs to earn yield passively - in addition - to other incentives is an extremely compelling proposition for users looking to provide liquidity on Optimism and to grow the TVL on the Optimism rollup itself.


Saddle to create a new pool for $sETH/$ETH on Optimism.

Engage in discussions with other protocols to temp check interest in adding further incentives to this pool, to drive even further liquidity to Optimism.


Synthetix Documentation: https://docs.synthetix.io/
Synthetix Staking App: https://staking.synthetix.io/


For: Authorize an $sETH/$ETH pool deployment on Optimism.

Against: Do nothing


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