[Proposal] SIP-X: Create EVM stable token Metapools with shared liquidity incentives (GRAV/SDL)


Gravity Bridge proposes the creation of EVM stable token (gUSDC, gDAI, gUSDT) Metapools on the Evmos platform with shared Liquidity Incentives from Saddle (SDL) and Graviton (GRAV).


The Gravity Bridge blockchain is the trustless, neutral bridge between Ethereum and the Cosmos ecosystem. Built using the Cosmos SDK it uses the validator set to sign transactions, instead of a multi-sig or permissioned set of actors.

Neutrality here implies that the entire focus of the Gravity community is on providing the most effective and secure bridge possible, instead of on a DeFi application on the local chain. This neutrality aggregates volume from a number of blockchains and sources, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. All control over the bridge is handled entirely by the Gravity Bridge validator set.

The stablecoin pools will bring EVM based liquidity into the Cosmos ecosystem for use on the Evmos Saddle DEX.


Cosmos DeFi is just getting started and needs Ethereum based stable coins to flourish. The Saddle DEX on Evmos and Gravity Bridge are aligned partners in enabling the platforms necessary to make this possible. This will further align our communities by pooling our resources together.
This will deliver better incentives, align community incentives, enable deep liquidity, and pave the way for future products and collaborations.


Three Month Liquidity Incentive Campaign Using Saddle Minichef Contracts:

  • Saddle provides 0.15% of SDL supply
  • Gravity Bridge provides 2,000,000 $GRAV, equalling 22,222 $GRAV/day.

For: Launch the gUSDC, gDAI, and gUSDT MetaPool with SDL and GRAV incentives, list metapool on saddle.finance on Evmos.

Against: No change.


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Maybe you don’t realize this, but the pool is earning SDL — it looks like 0% APR because the frontend doesn’t estimate a dollar amount for the token. It currently has $17M on mainnet though, so someone must be happy with it?

I think the tokenomics proposal + the Saddle DAO treasury are the way forward here FWIW.

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