Redirect $SDL and $SPA Metapool Rewards, launch arbUSDv3 pool

This is Tshaw from and $USDs team.


Deploy arbUSDv3 pool consisting of $USDs, $USDC and $USDT, redirect $SPA and $SDL incentives from $USDs-arbUSDV2Metapool to arbUSDv3 pool.


$USDs metapool has grown to be the largest Arbitrum pool, surpassing all primary pools but at least 2x. The pool now holds over $28M of stablecoin liquidity.


  • Launch new pool consisting of $USDs, $USDC, $USDT
  • Redirect the remainder of the SDL and SPA rewards from $USDs-metapool to primary pool


  • Sperax has removed significant risk: proved ability to attract liquidity to the pool and maintain $USDs peg stability
  • Half of the Metapool pool is contributing to the peg stability and liquidity to competitors like FRAX.
  • Largest stablecoin pool on Arbitrum should be a primary pool not a metapool.

For: Redirect the remaining $SDL and $SPA from $USDs Metapool to arbUSDv3 pool.

Against: Keep $SDL and $SPA distribution on the $USDs Metapool.

  • For
  • Against

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This is a great plan! USDs pool contributed to the majority of liquidity for Saddle pools on Arbitrum

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i think too. USDs is contributing to the growth of the saddle ecosystem now.

Awesome idea! USDs is the most liquid token in Saddle on Arbitrum. It should have a primary pool

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USDs must be a primary pool here