SIP-X: BlockSec Whitehack Bounty [w/ Poll]


Pay BlockSec a ~10% bounty for their whitehack efforts and recovery of funds during the exploit on Apr-30th.


This SIP seeks to compensate BlockSec with a bounty as an acknowledgment of their whitehack efforts in the Metapool exploit on Apr-30th. The exact nature of their involvement is detailed here.


On Apr-30th, 2022, a bug was discovered in Saddle’s Metapool contracts by a blackhat hacker that resulted in $10.2m being drained from one of the pools. Thanks to quick acting by the BlockSec team, $3.97m worth of vulnerable funds were whitehacked and secured.


Pay BlockSec a 1,323,340 SDL bounty from the treasury. This amount is intended to be roughly equal to 10% of the amount BlockSec secured from the vulnerable pool– with SDL as priced by the community in SIP-13. Recovered funds will be distributed to affected LP’s pro-rata.

For: Pay BlockSec a 1,323,340 SDL bounty from the protocol treasury and distribute the recovered funds to affected LP’s pro-rata.

Against: No change.


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