SIP-X: Community Account Manager

Here at Saddle we have dozens of partnerships with protocols from all across the DeFi landscape. As a ‘Community Account Manager’ you’ll play a central role in scaling and maintaining Saddles presence and reputation within the communities of our closest frens.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Bolstering the reputation of Saddle within a designated partner community
  • Acting as a liaison between the Saddle community and your partner community; communicating concerns of both users and team to Saddle effectively
  • Helping to write user stories, account focused support tickets, and copy for upcoming deals
  • Contributing to overall strategy and decision-making about Saddles brand and partnership goals
  • Defining and reporting on key partnership performance metrics
  • Collecting and analyzing data, conducting interviews & performing market research relevant to your designated account
  • Making frens and memes
  • Collaborating with a fun team of creatives, degens, and farmers
  • Spending about 10 hours per week on this role

What skills you’ll need:

  • Experience using popular Chains or DeFi dApps
    • Applicant must be a knowledgeable user of at least one Saddle partner account in order to fulfill the role effectively
    • Applicant must be familiar with Discord and active in the community of their target partner account
  • Passing familiarity with GitHub, Intercom, Zapier, Notion, or other common product/project management tools
  • Strong value system of supporting others (team, community, ecosystem)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Familiarity with ecosystems on Ethereum mainnet, L2s, and sidechains
  • Familiarity with Web3 culture ser

What you’ll get from Saddle:

  • Compensation in the form SDL, paid out at scale with a Core Contributor:
    • 350$ USD worth of SDL, paid out monthly
    • Additional earning opportunities
  • An opportunity to deepen your connection to the space through networking opportunities with Saddles friends and partners
  • A slew of top level degens to tap into for support and advice
  • A thriving community to collaborate with creatively

Application process:

In order to rise to the position of ‘Community Account Manager’ you must submit an application via Typeform:

Submission must include:

  • Relevant contact information (Discord, Telegram, Twitter)
  • Your target partner account (The chain, product, or protocol partnered with Saddle whose community you are active in)
  • Your accolades within your target community (This includes any notable discord roles, responsibilities, or privileges you have earned)
  • A brief description of your target community’s primary product– in your own words

If selected you’ll then need to attend an audio interview with LowPolyDuck, to assess your current DeFi experience:

What to expect in the interview:

  • Brief discussion on popular DeFi primitives
  • Questions regarding your degen experience
  • At least one awful joke

What you’ll do next:

  • Follow up with emac on discord regarding the completion of of your interview
  • Be patient as you await word from the ranch
  • Degen as you always have; with the spirit of a bandit

Saddle up’


  • For: Seek hire for ‘Community Account Manager’ role
  • Against: No change

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I think this is also an amazing initiative here! Saddle is doing big things!!!

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