SIP-X: Delos HQ Community Multisig Responsibilities and Compensation


The role of the Delos HQ multisig members is to enable the community to earn SDL while contributing to the longevity of the Saddle Protocol.

The multisig has a total budget of 1M SDL to designate to a community grant program. These funds can be used for funding syndicates, bounties, and ongoing payments to core contributors.

Below is a framework for how we define the roles and responsibilities for the Delos HQ members and compensation for leading these community initiatives. We felt like now is an appropriate time to introduce more community responsibility and structure with the token unlock and an influx of new community members contributing.


This SIP seeks to establish a framework for Delos multisig members’ roles and responsibilities, election process and term, exit process, performance metrics, and compensation. Each component is necessary to building an engaged community multisig that regularly provides opportunities for Saddle community members to level up and contribute to the protocol.


The Delos Multisig is already operating at a high level. We have accomplished building the foundations for current community members to join the Discord server and start contributing immediately. Some examples of the work done by the multisig to date include:

Saddle Community Wiki

Ambassador Program and Onboarding

Funding Bounties

With the token unlock approaching, we are preparing for our community to double in size and need the necessary specification structure in place to compensate the multisig to continue developing frameworks that contribute to the longevity of the Saddle protocol.


Team Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. @nikitakle: Community Manager for the CIS region
    Create bounties, lead discussions, and actively engage the CIS community of Saddle. Scale the amount of core contributors from this region.

  2. @LowPolyDuck : Bounty Lead
    Act as the main point of contact for all bounties giving direction, feedback, and ultimately judging the work of the community.

  3. @emac: General Community Manager, Txs signer, and Bounty creator
    Create bounties for the general Saddle community, give direction to ambassadors, and make sure to sign all txs from the Delos HQ multisig. Eventually would like to lead a marketing syndicate of core contributors once the community scales.

  4. @hammeiam: Tech lead, creating new bounties needed for Saddle’s development
    Act as the main point of contact for any technical bounties developing Saddle’s front end.

  5. @Apollo_Labs Creative Community Manager
    Lead the existing community of Saddle creatives to develop new memes, videos, and other content to share across our channels.

6 and 7: We will be holding an election post SIP to add 2 more members to the Delos multisig.

Every member will have to be highly engaged in the community Discord and sign at least 5 txs per month.


Delos members will serve a 6-month term.

Elections and Exit Process:

Elections will be held every 6 months unless a member gives notice to exit or is voted out by the community in which an election will be held to replace the exiting member.

Performance Metrics:

Bounty Leads will be assessed on:

  • number of bounties created
  • number of quality bounties completed

Community managers will be assessed on:

  • Response rate and check-in with community members within 12 hours of messaging in Discord


30k SDL paid monthly over the 6 month term.

For: Confirm the Specifications listed above.

Against: No change.

  • For
  • Against

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Seems like a great idea to me! With the token unlock fast approaching, I would expect things to get a bit wild at times and having a structured process in place makes a ton of sense.

Community + protocol = success IMO.

Although I’m personally most interested in the tech side of what Saddle does and contributing in this regard myself, I recognize the critical imortance of commmunity across every crypto project. I already enjoy being a part of the community here and can sense the good vibes. This will help keep this momentum as I think Sadddle has already built a solid foundation for a strong community and clarity here will enhance this…let’s goooooo!


Thanks @0xWeston for your thoughts!

I would also like to propose that we hold an election for the first “official” Delos HQ multisig with the above structure.


Greetings to the Saddle Community! I am very honored to have been nominated for this responsibility and opportunity to potentially join the Saddle Delos HQ Multisig.

Thank you to @LowPolyDuck and @justpat :slight_smile:

  • I wanted to share a little more info about myself, how I see Saddle, and why I believe I would be a good fit for this and how I can help advance the goals that this proposal and Delos multisig aims to achieve.

  • First, I’m a big fan of the Saddle ethos - DeFi, collaboration, open-source, helping others…these are all things that resonate with me deeply - so first things first this feels like a great fit from my perspective and just feels right to me. I would like to be a contributor in advancing these values and Saddle’s success in any way possible, and I think joining here would be a way to enable this further.

  • My qualifications: Over 10 years experience in financial markets. Starting in TradFi as a Financial Advisor…I would say I learned the most from the couple years I spent with Fidelity Investments, where I worked as an Investment Consultant.

  • Transitioned in 2020 full-time to crypto and now over 2 yrs FT trading in crypto, also with several months of working on becoming a developer.

  • If added to the Delos HQ, I would do my best to go above and to contribute to Saddle’s success by utilizing the unique package of skills I’ve acquired over the years in traditional finance, decentralized finance, community building, smart contract security and development, trading and tokenomic design, and researching the overall crypto landscape… in order to provide insights and tangible results to help foster further adoption of all the mentioned initiatives in this proposal set out here.

My intentions long term are to be a smart contract developer and so this aligns very well I believe. Ideally would like to become a core contributor as a developer on the Saddle team, and so I believe these only reinforces the great alignment here. I am committed to doing everything and anything that I can to help the protocol do well, now, and sustainably into the future. Crypto is a wild and nascent industry; I believe there is a lot of good that can come of it though - despite the growing pains - and it would be true privilege for me to be become a member of the Delos HQ Mutisig.

I mentioned this in Discord but also would like to formally nominate @0xFendiman as well as I think he would also make an excellent addition. I am VERY excited for Saddle, the coming token unlock and success of the $SDL token and its new tokenomic model to go live, and pushing the stableswap space further and further!

Sincerely - your DeFi Degen 0xWeston:

-Weston Nelson

SDL :fire: :heart:


I’m pleased to see that Saddle community is growing more every day. This proposal is so much important since Saddle needs more contributors than before.
This has always been my honor to be a part of this big and strong community, and I would be more than happy to be of any help. Since I have gained some experience in engaging with the community and also hunting some bounties, I think I’m a good fit at Delos HQ.

wish Saddle the best!