SIP-X Introducing the Community Content Role


Here at Saddle, we have a ton of talented community members involved in many projects through the DeFi ecosystem. We are excited to propose the Community Content Creator Role. This role will be essential in creating and scaling Saddle’s content throughout our blog, Discord, and social media outlets. Below is the Job Description along with proposed compensation for the role.


Creating this community content “contributor” role would allow talented community members to produce high-quality content in order to attract new users to join the Saddle ecosystem while educating existing members.


Main Responsibilities

  • Writing articles regarding Saddle’s new partnerships and feature updates
  • Working with Community Account Managers to publish new content related to Saddle’s partners
  • Writing articles about the general DeFi ecosystem
  • Helping to write user stories, ideation around new engaging content for Saddle’s community
  • Contributing to the overall strategy and decision-making about Saddle’s content.
  • Making frens and memes
  • Collaborating with a fun team of creatives, degens, and farmers
  • Spending about 4-8 hours per week on this role

What skills you’ll need:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Experience with using popular Chains or DeFi dApps
  • Strong attention to detail and awareness of style
  • Strong value system of supporting others (team, community, ecosystem)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Familiarity with ecosystems on Ethereum mainnet, L2s, and sidechains
  • Familiarity with Web3 culture ser

What you’ll get from Saddle:

  • Compensation in the form of Stables and SDL, paid out at scale with a Core Contributor:
    • 10k SDL paid monthly
    • 500 USDC paid monthly
  • An opportunity to deepen your connection to the space through networking opportunities with Saddles friends and partners
  • A slew of top-level degens to tap into for support and advice
  • A thriving community to collaborate creatively

Application process:

In order to rise to the position of ‘Community Content Creator Role’ you must submit an application via Typeform:

Submission must include:

  • Relevant contact information (Discord, Telegram, Twitter)
  • Sample Writing pieces (web3 topics preferred)
  • A brief description of what content is interesting for you

If selected you’ll then need to attend an audio interview with @emac to assess your current content writing experience:

What you’ll do next:

  • Be patient as you await word from the ranch
  • Degen as you always have; with the spirit of a bandit

For: Agree to hiring for this role by funding the Delos HQ Community Multisig with 5k USDC to hire for the proposed role

Against: No change


  • For
  • Against

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Excellent Proposal!

I think encouraging engagement from community is hands down the best way to grow protocols. It just creates so many positive reinforcement feedback loops. It’s really the utility/tech + the community that ultimately equals success IMO. Gotta have both.

Saddle has been doing a great job I think of making this a reality and this initiative will only further support this. Love it!


It’s a good offer, I like it. This is a good incentive to start developing and growing together with Saddle. Many good participants have already shown what they are capable of. It’s a cool idea to give them motivation to participate more in protocol life. I think many people will be more than satisfied with this. Excellent conditions for such a market.


@emac Does it necessarily have to be one person? it can be two? me and my friend have worked together on MakerDAO and currently on API3.