SIP-X: Modify SDL emissions


Set gauge emissions over the next 6 months to 1.5% of the token supply (15,000,000 SDL)


This SIP seeks to adjust the emission schedule of SDL over the next 6 months; following the recent conclusion of the 6 month emission schedule as laid out in SIP-8.

Following the next 6 months, the emission schedule will be revisited again.


The emission schedule of SDL in this case refers to the amount of tokens that are being released into circulation over time via the gauges; a notable factor that can affect the performance and perceived market value of a token.

The previous 6-month emission schedule was designed to incentivize liquidity provision, and encourage both active growth and participation from the community. With the conclusion of that schedule, SIP-51 seeks to establish a new emission schedule that can continue to honour the goals of the previous round, while also promoting the health and longevity of the community treasury.

This would serve to bolster the protocol and its users as a whole; which ultimately serves the DAO as an entity.

The proposed emission schedule of 1.5% of the token supply (15,000,000 SDL) over the next 6 months is intended to provide sufficient liquidity incentives to the community while also being sustainable for the long-term growth and development of the protocol. By revisiting the emission schedule again following this 6-month period, the DAO can assess the effectiveness of this approach and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the continued and on-going success of the platform.


Saddle will deploy 1.5% of the token supply (15,000,000 SDL) from the community treasury, to the gauges, over the next 6 months as liquidity incentives.


Set the SDL emission schedule to 1.5% of the token supply (15,000,000 SDL) over the next 6 months.


Resubmit with adjustments.

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Should you always work on a 1.5% basis?

Maybe 1% for liquidity and 0.5% to incentivize veSDL holders to increase their stake, it seems more useful to me, currently the tokeneconomy of tokens has changed a lot and SDL should be in the same.

We aren´t always working on a 1.5% basis, are we? Emissions were higher previously and will be lowered now