SIP-X: Refill Delos HQ


Allocate 1.5m SDL to refilling DelosHQ.


This SIP seeks to refill our flagship community subDAO, in order that they may continue to effectively serve their ongoing commitments.


DelosHQ was established with the intent of forwarding various community initiatives outside of the responsibility and guidance of the primary Saddle DAO. They have since paid and managed various community roles, and supported the ecosystem at large by locking a significant portion of their SDL with intent to help bolster newly acquired partners via the gauge system.

Most recently, and notably, they have handled the rewards for the newly established SDL/USDs pool on Demeter, by The Sperax Foundation.

This refill would serve to allow Delos to continue their ongoing efforts in supporting Saddles growth and adoption throughout the ecosystem. In addition to the continuation of the Demeter rewards and payment of our fabulous community contributors, Delos would again lock up another significant portion of their allocated SDL; which would further bolster their impact on the gauges and serve as a noticeable incentive for new protocols to launch their pools with Saddle.


Send 1.5m SDL to Multisig 0x03D319a9921474B9cdE1fff1DBaFba778f9eFEb0


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