SIP-X: Request SDL for institutional marketing support [2]


Request 60K USD worth of $SDL from the treasury, to satisfy the marketing requirements of a reputable crypto institution. The $SDL is to be used for marketing, operations, and promotional activities.


This SIP seeks to facilitate the institutional support of Saddle’s governance token, $SDL


Institutional support represents massive step toward fully realizing the utility of $SDL as laid out in SIP-8, and should see a dramatic impact on the incentive to lock $SDL in the gauges. Institutional support should also serve to ease the path for those developers, and protocols, who are looking to build products with, out of, or on top of, $SDL and $veSDL.


Transfer 60K USD worth of $SDL, calculated using Uniswap’s V3 TWAP price on Euler, at the time the proposal ends, from multisig: 0x3F8E527aF4e0c6e763e8f368AC679c44C45626aE to a to-be disclosed address.


  • For: Provide $SDL to satisfy institutional marketing requirements.
  • Against: No change.

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