SIP-X: Saddle Lands on Aurora


Bring Saddle’s contracts and community to the EVM compatible Aurora.


This SIP seeks to expand Saddle’s presence in the ecosystem via deployment to Aurora, acting in part as a proof of concept with regard to the mobility of our codebase.


With our popular open source stableswap implementation now nearing a stage where it can be considered feature complete; new chain deployments are all but trivial with regard to the impact on developer bandwidth.

Aurora is an EVM compatible scaling solution that was designed to support high-speed and low-cost transactions on the NEAR blockchain, a modern layer-1 which is fast, scalable, and carbon neutral. Aurora is implemented as a smart contract on NEAR and is designed to help scale the Ethereum ecosystem by allowing developers to operate their apps on a high-throughput, scalable, and future-safe platform with low transaction costs for users.

Our data suggests that Aurora would represent an excellent opportunity to expand our footing, through both the robustness of the app network available for potential collaborations, as well as their actively maintained partnership program.


Deploy a 2pool consisting of USDC and USDT to Aurora.


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