SIP-X: Update Multisigers


Replace Saddle Multisigner Kain Warwick of Synthetix, with Sam Kazemian of Frax. Additionally, add Weston Nelson from the Saddle community.


This SIP seeks to replace Kain Warwick of Synthetix as a signer on the Saddle multisig. Kain has done a tremendous job thus far and we thank him for his many, many signatures. This SIP also seeks to add an additional signer to the multisig, from the Saddle community, to improve the efficiency of operations.

It is worth noting that this SIP does not represent a strain on the relationship between our protocols. Kain remains close with the team, and our protocols remain connected via virtual swaps.


Moving to a 3/8 represents a best case scenario for Saddle in terms of both security and operational efficiency.

A quality signer for the multisig from Frax would stand to both increase the efficiency of signature gathering, and strengthen the partnership between our products. The intent of this proposal is to further improve the efficiency and interconnectivity of the multisig; replacing a signer with someone from an organization like Frax [with whom we are in constant contact with] may help to improve our operations without sacrificing any of the multisigs reputation.


Initiate a transaction replacing
0x5b97680e165b4dbf5c45f4ff4241e85f418c66c2 with 0x17e06ce6914E3969f7BD37D8b2a563890cA1c96e, at multisig 0x3F8E527aF4e0c6e763e8f368AC679c44C45626aE. Additionally, add 0xD131F1BcDd547e067Af447dD3C36C99d6be9FdEB as a signer to 0x3F8E527aF4e0c6e763e8f368AC679c44C45626aE.

For: Replace Kain Warwick with Sam Kazemian and add Weston as signers for Saddle’s multisig

Against: No change.


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