SIP-X: Whitelist gas optimized Pitch.Money voter proxy


Add a more gas efficient Pitch.Money voter proxy to the veSDL whitelist.


This SIP seeks to add new gas optimized version of the Pitch.Money voter proxy to the veSDL whitelist. Allowing users to more effectively participate in Saddles ecosystem by way of Pitch.Money products and services.


Allowing Pitch.Money to bring Convex-like ve-token yield aggregator strategies to Saddle more efficiently would serve to dramatically increase the amount of users on-boarded into the ecosystem. Pitch estimates that these improvements could save upwards of 4500 gas per tx.

Pitch.Money would like to note that any depositors in the original pool can reach out to them for a refund.


Queue up a multisig transaction whitelisting 0x2Cba8a85f44dD1Da10a093Cc0F96D93b3C37e0ee

For: Add the new Pitch.Money voter proxy contract to the veSDL whitelist.

Against: No change.


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